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BeWooden - LouxMac Bow Tie

LouxMac Bow Tie

99 € sis. ALV
Varastossa, saat toimituksen torstaina 26.7.
BeWooden - 30 päivän vaihto- ja palautusoikeus - 30 päivän vaihto- ja palautusoikeus

This bow tie will make you look like an elegant gentleman right away: It is more special than any other! The bow tie itself is made out of upcycled Mahogany wood from an old school roof in Tanzania. Also, when buying this bow tie BeWooden gives something back: We donate 15 € for to the TH Children’s foundation to give disadvantaged children the opportunity to go to school.

Beside the great story behind, the design is unique as well. The bow tie is made by and named after Loux the Vintage Guru and Tony Maake and consists of the Johannesburg skyline. With the LouxMac Legacy you will pass on the legacy of African Dandyism onto the next generation.

Want to know the whole wonderful story? Read HERE.

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BeWooden - LouxMac Bow Tie
LouxMac Bow Tie
99 €
Varastossa, saat toimituksen torstaina 26.7.

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